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Electrical Installation Diploma

Level 2 • Full-time • Construction department

This one-year Level 2 programme will introduce you to the electro-technical environment. You’ll learn how to work safely and efficiently, identifying sources of technical information and start to build an understanding of the different types of electrical machinery and operations, scientific concepts, circuitry and fault protection. There are many different ways to work as an electrician, from being a self-employed general technician working on domestic repairs or new home builds, to big engineering projects or lighting stadiums and festivals. You could specialise in installation, maintenance, construction of systems, repair or even work supporting highways systems. To qualify as an electrician studying full-time you will need to complete both the Level 2 and Level 3 diplomas, each taking a year to study. You will then need to complete the final two years of an apprenticeship at Level 3 to become fully qualified. We are the only training centre offering free qualifications for school leavers to train full-time in Cornwall.

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Electrical Installation Diploma

Level 1 • Full-time • Construction department

This qualification will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills needed for electrical installation. It is suitable for those with little to no prior knowledge of this subject and is a great starting point if you are looking to go on to a level 2 qualification. On completion of this level 1 course, you can progress onto the full-time Level 2 Diploma.To qualify as an electrician studying full-time you will need to complete both the Level 2 and Level 3 diplomas, each taking a year to study. You will then need to complete the final two years of an apprenticeship at Level 3 to become fully qualified

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Electrical Installation Advanced Apprenticeship Level 3

Level 3 • Work-based • Engineering department

This Level 3 advanced apprenticeship covers skills and training for the installation or maintenance of electro-technical equipment. Upon completion you will be qualified to work as an installation or maintenance electrical engineer. As an apprentice you will be expected to have strong practical skills and advanced abilities. You’ll need to be able to follow technical drawings and understand health and safety regulations.

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Electrical Installation Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Construction department

During this one-year Level 3 programme you will complete your electro-technical training which will enable you to gain employment in the industry in either commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic locations. This is now the default qualification for the traditional route to becoming an electrician whether or not you’re employed by an electrical contractor or not. This is the most comprehensive electrician course available and as such most people will use the skills learnt on this course to go on and find employment either during or after they complete their training. Salaries range from a starting wage of £18,000 to £40,000 per annum for highly experienced technicians.

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FdSc Engineering

Level 5 • Part-time • Engineering department

This programme prepares you for a career in a variety of engineering disciplines and develops the concepts, knowledge, skills and techniques required for today’s competitive and dynamic engineering industry. The programme consists of core modules and a series of optional modules, allowing you to focus your learning in areas of interest. Modules of study in the fields of mechanical, electrical, design, production, marine and control engineering, are included to allow for a wide range of possible career goals. The modules have been written with the aid of industry to ensure that the content meets industry needs; they include current best practice and insight into the changing face of engineering technology. You will have a series of structured lectures, project-based practical activities and industrial visits to help inform and develop your learning. These activities will increase your ability to solve engineering problems, develop your project management skills and help you gain an understanding of the role of engineering in the modern technological world. All modules will consider the modern world of engineering and will contextualise material to reflect on engineering practice. It is suggested that you undertake around 150 hours of work experience in an engineering field to support your learning. We will help you to find an appropriate placement if you are unable to find your own.

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Heavy Goods Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Diploma

Level 3 • Full-time • Motor Vehicle department

Working with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), buses and other large transport requires specialist skills and training. We offer a dedicated full-time programme so you can go on to work with heavy vehicles, trailers and lift trucks, refrigeration lorries or bus fleets. We offer a full-time initial preparation route (at Level 1 and 2 depending on your prior experience and qualifications) with a final Level 3 apprenticeship to take you to supervisory level employment in this sector, with companies as diverse as Volvo and Heathrow Airport. This one-year full-time programme will allow you to become fully qualified in the maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles. During the course you will grow your knowledge and understanding of the systems and diagnostic techniques of a wide range of heavy vehicles. Successful completion of the course will mean you are able to work in a supervisory role in the workplace, aware of best practice in health and safety and good housekeeping. You will also be fully conversant in all materials, fabrication, tools and measuring devices used in this automotive environment.

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HNC Engineering

Level 4 • Part-time • Engineering department

This programme is ideal if you have completed your A Levels and are looking to progress into the engineering sector, or you are working as an engineering technician and would like to develop your knowledge and skills in the engineering industry. The programme brings together the requirement for technicians to be well versed in engineering principles and also to develop specialist knowledge in an area of their choosing. The programme offers a broad engineering curriculum covering mathematics, engineering science, material science, computer-aided design, manufacturing, automation, control systems and business, plus an option to study specialist modules. Completing this programme will make you more versatile, more knowledgeable, multi-skilled and professionally competent in your chosen career. A variety of different teaching styles enables you to learn effectively, ensuring that you have the right knowledge and skills to excel in the workplace. The programme will also equip you with communication, team working and time management skills, making you a more effective student and employee.

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Heavy Goods Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Advanced Apprenticeship

Level 3 • Work-based • Motor Vehicle department

As a qualified HGV specialist mechanic you could work in an amazingly diverse industry, whether servicing, repairing, working managing a fl­eet or as a mobile specialist, once qualified there are lots of career opportunities. Modern technology means you won’t just be working with sockets, wrenches and pliers to repair engines, with modern heavy goods vehicles now requiring computer diagnostics for fault finding and repairs you will become familiar with the latest technology, repair techniques and testing. We offer a range of professional qualifications and training that will allow you to become a qualified mechanic, whatever level you start at. This advanced apprenticeship will provide you with the chance to become a fully qualified heavy vehicle mechanic. The course will offer you the chance to gain higher practical skills training in our state-of-the-art workshops and working garages.

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Property Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship

Level 2 • Work-based • Construction department

Choosing a Property Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification while improving your skills and continuing to earn. You’ll learn trade skills from highly qualified and experienced tutors, preparing you for a career in your chosen field.

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Vehicle Accident Repair Diploma

Level 1 • Full-time • Motor Vehicle department

Vehicle restoration is a very specialist area, where demand for skilled technicians is high and salaries can be very rewarding. The skills are transferable to other sectors, so you could take your qualification and move into the boat painting industry, where you could work around the world. To become a qualified technician you must complete the Level 1 and 2 qualifications. At Level 2 you can choose to specialise in body repair or paint repair. Funding is available for school leavers for three years, so you could choose to do both paint and bodywork courses. We offer full Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET) training to provide you with the best start in the workplace. This one-year introductory course to general accident repair will give you an insight into the various career pathways available.

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