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Multiply: Maths Skills for Life

FREE fully-funded programme to help your employees improve their numeracy skills

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Unlock Your Potential - Skills for Life

Multiply is a new FREE fully-funded programme to help adults across the UK to improve their numeracy skills.

Multiply is the perfect opportunity to upskill the workforce using specialised training sessions or workshops to gain a better understanding of the Maths used on the day to day job.  

Improving your employee’s numeracy skills can help improve the quality of your workforce and encourage better productivity.

By encouraging your staff to increase their numeracy skills, you are likely to see a reduction in numeracy related mistakes.

Multiply also helps with:

  • Support for new recruits lacking confidence with numbers
  • Building employee and employer confidence with numbers in life and work
  • Motivating your employees to pursue different forms of training in the workplace
  • Supporting your employees to progress within your organisation

For more information email us at multiply@cornwall.ac.uk

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Adults aged 19+


Classroom-based, Online, Short courses

Each course is a one-off 2hr online session with the exception of the Parents course which is two 2hr sessions on consecutive weeks.

All start at 6pm.

Increasing Confidence

These courses are designed to increase confidence with numbers for those needing the first steps towards formal numeracy qualifications.

Date Duration Delivery Method
14th May 2024 2 hours Online
21st May 2024 2 hours Online
28th May 2024 2 hours Online

Increasing Employability

This course is aimed at people who can’t apply for certain jobs because of lack of numeracy skills and/or to encourage people to upskill in numeracy order to access a certain job/career.

Date Duration Delivery Method
2nd May 2024 2 hours Online
9th May 2024 2 hours Online
16th May 2024 2 hours Online
23rd May 2024 2 hours Online
30th May 2024 2 hours Online
6th June 2024 2 hours Online

Courses for Parents

Courses for parents wanting to increase their numeracy skills in order to help their children, and help with their own progression.

Date Duration Delivery Method
24th April and 1st May 2024 2 hours (x2) Online
8th May and 15th May 2024 2 hours (x2) Online
22nd May and 29th May 2024 2 hours (x2) Online

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This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Cornwall Council has been chosen by Government as a Lead Authority for the fund and is responsible for monitoring the progress of projects funded through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Free numeracy courses to help boost your maths confidence at home and work

“We are delighted to be able to support the Multiply programme in Cornwall. Maths is at the heart of so many careers and opportunities. As the Career College, we know that no matter your age or situation, education can make a positive impact on your life and we would encourage businesses, parents and carers to get in touch to see how they can benefit from Multiply with The Cornwall College Group.”

Kate Wills
Group Deputy Principal Curriculum and Quality, The Cornwall College Group