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Good luck to all students receiving GCSE results!

If you are due to start an exciting new course with us our team will be calling YOU. If you would like to study with us and haven’t applied, it’s not too late, apply for a course on our website today!

If you’ve already applied to us, your Study Programme Manager will call you on or just after GCSE results day to discuss your results. If you’ve achieved the grades you need, we’ll then send you an e-mail to enrol online. If you haven’t had a call by 31st August please contact us on 0330 1232523.

If you haven’t got the grades you planned for, we’ll work with you to find a course that’s right for you.

If you haven’t yet applied to Cornwall College or want to find out more about the courses we offer call 0330 1232523.

Alternatively it’s not too late to apply online to study with us, at which time we’ll contact you to arrange an interview to discuss your chosen course.

These grades could be higher than you expected or lower, either way, we can help! We know it’s easy to say and definitely harder in practice but do not panic about anything that comes out of that envelope, there is a pathway and a course for you.

If you have already applied to study with us, on results day (or the following days) you will be contacted by our teaching teams to discuss your options and whether the course you have picked is still the best fit. It may mean that your course choice changes slightly or you might change your focus altogether. This is not a problem. If you need advice regarding your results call 0330 1232523.

If over the last few months you have changed your mind about the course you want to study, don’t worry, it’s totally normal!

Whether you now want to do an apprenticeship instead of a full-time course or switch careers altogether, there are always options. Just like career changes happen all the time later in life, so do career choices at the beginning. If you have already applied to study with us, on results day (or the following days) you will be contacted by our teaching teams and they can talk you through your options.

If you haven’t yet applied to Cornwall College and need advice regarding a course or career change, please call 0330 1232523.

You will either be contacted by your Study Programme Manager to discuss your progression or you’ll be sent an e-mail to enrol online, depending on the course you’re studying. If you haven’t had a call or an email by 31st August please call 0330 1232523.

Visit https://www.cornwall.ac.uk/important-information-accessing-your-exam-results/ for information on how to access your exam results

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Camborne, St Austell, Falmouth, Plymouth, Duchy Stoke & Bicton

Get hands-on with engines, design, and technology! Learn how to fix, innovate, and build the machines that power our world. Jumpstart your career as an auto engineer or tech-savvy expert, driving opportunities in the ever-evolving automotive industry.


Camborne & St Austell

Master the art of the digital age! From marketing wizardry to entrepreneurial genius, unlock the secrets of the business world. Embrace the digital revolution and unleash your potential in the realm of startups, e-commerce, and social media.

Childcare & Early Years

Camborne & St Austell

Nurture and shape young minds, making a positive impact from the very start. Gain valuable insights into child development and early education. Dive into a world where every day brings joy, learning, and the chance to inspire the next generation.

Creative Arts

Camborne & St Austell

Unleash your creativity and let imagination soar! Discover the magic of art, design, and multimedia. From drawing to digital, sculpting to storytelling, let your artistic talents flourish and open doors to a world of self-expression and endless possibilities.

Foundation Learning & Vocational Academy

Camborne, St Austell, Duchy Stoke Climsland & Bicton

Build your foundation for success! Develop essential skills and knowledge to prepare for your dream career. Our diverse range of vocational courses equips you with real-world expertise that employers crave.

Hairdressing, Barbering & Beauty

Camborne & St Austell

Transform looks and boost confidence! Dive into the glamorous world of hair and beauty, where you’ll learn the latest trends and techniques. From styling to skincare, become a trendsetter in the beauty industry.

Health Services & Social Care

Camborne & St Austell

Care for others and make a difference! Explore the realms of health and social care, gaining practical experience and empathy. Embark on a fulfilling journey of compassion, offering support to those in need.

Hospitality, Cookery & Travel

Camborne & St Austell

Welcome to the world of hospitality! Learn the art of exquisite service, culinary delights, and exciting travel opportunities. Enter a realm where you can leave a lasting impression on guests worldwide.

Land & Conservation

Duchy Rosewarne, Duchy Stoke Climsland, Falmouth & Bicton

Embrace the great outdoors and protect our planet! Discover the beauty of nature while learning about conservation practices. Develop skills in land management and environmental stewardship, helping preserve our world for generations to come.

Military & Protective Services

Camborne, Duchy Stoke Climsland & Bicton

Serve and protect with pride! Dive into the world of honor, discipline, and duty. Learn from seasoned experts and embark on a career dedicated to safeguarding our communities and country.

Sport & Outdoor

Camborne, Falmouth & Duchy Stoke Climsland

Turn your passion for sports into a profession! Explore the dynamic world of sports and outdoor activities. Whether it’s coaching, fitness training, or event management, get ready to kickstart an exciting career.

Working with Animals

Duchy Rosewarne, Duchy Stoke Climsland & Bicton

Answer the call of the wild! Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom, learning how to care for and communicate with our furry friends. Pursue a rewarding career where compassion meets adventure.

Trades & Construction

Camborne, St Austell, Duchy Stoke Climsland & Bicton

Get hands-on and build the future! Discover the world of trades and construction, where you’ll learn practical skills to craft, fix, and shape the world around you. Join an industry that’s always in demand and filled with endless possibilities.

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