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The Keay Theatre

A space for Performance, Exhibition, Cinema, Forum and Conference for students, for the community, for all.

  • Seating 224 with a fully stocked bar and changing rooms

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Papa Diablo’s Circus of Horrors – Friday 29th October

Papa Diablo’s Circus of Horrors

Date of Event – Friday 29th October

Time of Event – Performances begin at 5.30 7.00, 8.30 with each performance having limited spaces!

Price of Event – £15

Immerse yourself into our interactive, multimedia horror event… if you dare. A whole evening of entertainment through performance, film and games.

An event for the brave, adrenaline rush seekers of 14+. Our performance begins when you put on your wrist bands upon entry to the circus and step into a night of never before experienced terror! What might initially feel like a normal circus experience soon makes a turn for the worst and you suddenly realise what you’re REALLY there for. All that we can disclose is that Papa Diablo has been exiled by a higher realm and in his quest to redeem himself… he needs you. Our interactive Horror Walk is 30 minutes long, you can expect to get up close and uncomfortably personal with the circus performer’s that are on their quest to fulfil Papa Diablo’s will.

Our event then leads you to an interactive horror film, an anthology of bone chilling short films from the twisted minds of our Level 3 Media students, each story takes place in a different era with a different visual style, how each tale ends…that’s up to you.

Whilst trying to reclaim your sanity stay to enjoy our carnival of games and live music with a free portion of seasonal stew and dumplings with a gin bar available.

Running Time – 30 min horror walk,45 minute film then stay in our gin bar to be served your seasonal stew, buy drinks, play games and listen to our live band.