Cornwall College is a member of eduroam (uk), a member of the international eduroam service.

This enables a visitor from any participating educational establishment also participating in eduroam (both visited and home) to gain Wifi access at Cornwall College.

It also means that Cornwall College students and staff are able to get wifi access at any other participating establishments around the world.

Student usernames shoud be entered in the format ““.

Staff usernames should be entered in the format “” (regardless of your email address).

At Cornwall College eduroam is used for wireless access for all staff and students home devices.

Visitors bringing laptops or mobile devices that are already set up for eduroam at their home universities and colleges, are welcome to connect to the eduroam network at Cornwall College.

When you connect to eduroam at Cornwall College, you will be asked to authenticate in the same way as at your home institution with the following details:

Your username is the username provided by your institution.

Should be the same as the password you use to access services at your home institution

If you have any difficulties accessing eduroam please call the Helpdesk on 01209 616111 ext 3111.

Please note you are subject to the Eduroam (UK) Policy