Please follow the below link for information regarding the College and the national lockdown.

Latest Covid-19 and college information.

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Remote Education Offer from the Cornwall College Group

During lockdown we will continue to offer education to all our students.  Most timetables will remain the same as when on campus unless they have been adapted to suit remote delivery.  This will have been communicated by Programme Managers.

Learning will take place in two main ways:

The primary method of online delivery for our students will be the use of Microsoft Teams via Office 365.  Students will already have access to their online classroom. This will be supplemented by a range of other resources via Moodle, video learning via Planet eStream, and online text books and resources via our library catalogue.  Students can also check their progress and targets via ProPortal.  Students can access all these systems via the Cornwall College website:  Apprentices will be able to access Learning Assistant to submit work and check progress. 

Communication with students will take place via Team, college email and telephone where required.

Expectations of Students

Support for students

Support for students with SEND

Support remains in place for all learners with special educational needs or disabilities.  If support is usually provided to a student in a classroom environment, that support will still be in place during live lessons and during other online learning activities.

Other support and referrals, including EHCP reviews and monitoring, will continue to take place using Microsoft Teams or alternative method where required.

Students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities

The remote curriculum will be aligned to the classroom curriculum as much as possible. Staff will consider what can be done from home using simulations or examples that can be safely practised from home.  Where possible we will continue to have specialist input from the industry and employers.

Support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning

Students who cannot access remote learning due to the availability of appropriate devices, suitable access to the internet or do not have a suitable place for learning should contact their Programme Manager to discuss the support we can offer.  We will find the most appropriate way for individuals to access their relevant curriculum activity. This may include one or more of the following: