15th July 2021

SUPing gets scientific at Cornwall College

Two people holding paddles in front of a paddle board

SUPing gets scientific at Cornwall College

Students at a local college are taking part in a world-leading study into a popular water sport which will aim to determine the best techniques for success. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding – or SUPing, as it is known – is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with its popularity increasing hugely during the covid-19 pandemic. 

As it stands, the amount of formal research into the sport is lacking but a new project by leading Cornish organisations is hoping to change this. 

Research teams, including staff and students from The Cornwall College Group (TCCG) are coming together to examine meaningful questions associated with the sport – including the best techniques used by the sport’s most successful participants. 

Sports scientists, clinicians and coaches are working with Cornwall College Camborne, Ocean Sports UK, based in St Ives, and university representatives from around the globe to investigate the mechanisms underpinning successful performance, health and injury risk. 

Louise Fletcher, curriculum area manager for sport at the college, said: “SUPing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world.  

“We are proud to be working with such prestigious professionals on this unique piece of research.  

“Being part of this project helps to stimulate interest in sports research in the wider community along with encouraging our students to carry out their own research into areas of sporting interest. We are proud to develop and enhance our university sports programme in this way.” 

The research will address key elements of the world-wide health agenda by increasing participation in water sports, combating issues associated with poor health and mental well-being.  

Phil Toy, study programme manager for the college’s university courses in sport, added: “Setting up the Ocean Research Group is a fantastic opportunity to provide our students with a research-based curriculum, whilst supporting a growing sport relative to the local area.” 

Professor Gareth Irwin of Cardiff Metropolitan University explained that the first study will see the group examine the techniques of stand-up paddle boarding for recreational and elite participants. 

He added: “The overall purpose of this is to provide original insights into the variables associated with success. We will be using world-leading motion capture technology and innovative analysis techniques to examine this increasingly popular global sport.” 

The current team involved in the research includes researchers from Cornwall College Camborne and leading universities from the UK, New Zealand, Czech Republic and Thailand. 

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