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Students the pick of the litter

Published: April 3, 2017

Cornwall College Newquay University

Student conservationists have been busy giving back to the community by doing a litter pick along Wildflower Lane.

The Newquay Environmental Group, made up from students all completing degree courses at Cornwall College Newquay, is a collective dedicated to providing educational information and activities regarding local and international conservation efforts.

Student Cameron Rougvie explained the motivation for forming the group: “We are all passionate about the natural environment, so we decided to form a group to spread the word about growing conservation issues and make positive changes within our communities as a team.

Cameron continued: “We conducted a litter pick along Wildflower Lane, the busy walking route that runs by Trenance Gardens near the college campus. A horrifying 7 bags of mixed litter was collected which shocked all members of our team! The public support we received was fantastic as we had many passers-by take an interest in what were up to. Many stopped just to simply say thank you, which was something that all members of the team felt grateful for. We hope to receive the same public support in future litter picks in and around Newquay, both helping the community and the environment is a necessary thing to do and we hope to provide ongoing support to improve our community.”

In addition to community activities, the group is dedicated to the distribution of environmental information through conducting events. An example of this was a charity screening of the conservation documentary ‘Sharkwater’ in memory of the late filmmaker Rob Stewart. The evening event raised awareness of FinFree a global campaign addressing the mass slaughter of sharks caused by the high demand for shark products. The event successfully raised £60.72 and produced 24 signatures for the “stop uncontrolled shark fishing now” petition that the charity endorses.

“Although the Newquay Environmental Group is in its early stages, we’re excited to continue to build and grow with organising events and raising awareness of these important issues,” Cameron explained.


“Anyone who would like to get involved will be warmly welcomed, so feel free to get in touch.”


Show your support for Newquay Environmental Group on 07731 852949 or follow on Facebook @Newquayenvironmental.

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