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Student’s jingles take to the air after impressing radio bosses

Published: April 29, 2016

Cornwall College Camborne Adult

A student from dBs Music based at Cornwall College Camborne, part of The Cornwall College Group, has helped to shape the new sound of Source FM, the community radio station for Falmouth and Penryn.  David McWilliam who comes from Fowey is studying a HND in Electronic Music Production and under took the work as a part of his second year major project.

David said: “I planned the project myself under the guidance of my tutor, Oli Brand and his unstoppable inspiration; I also had help from my fellow dBs student Jenny Bishop who kindly contributed her vocals, recorded in the studios at Camborne.

“Characterised by an emphasis on industry collaboration and music composition to a commercial standard, the project included dance music production and video scoring as well as production for radio.”

David contacted the producers at Source FM to see if they were looking for any production work and he discovered that the station was rebranding this year.  David continued: “I found working with a real-life situation really quite daunting at first, asking myself questions like ‘What if they don’t like what I write?’. Fortunately Source FM are a great bunch of people to work with and they put me at ease.

“What’s really interesting is the feedback from the others in my year group, none of them would listen to jingles if they could, yet they all gave great comments on my work and they could all hum the Source FM theme tune after only one listen.”

Source FM was set up in 2009 to help students studying radio production at university and to give Falmouth and Penryn its own community station.  Broadcasting on 96.1 FM the station has a range of programming, produced by an army of volunteers.

Source FM Presenter, Ian Beaumont, said: “What I particularly liked about this was that it sounds as professional as any jingle package, yet there are elements within the package that really make it distinctive for us, and capture the essence of Source FM and the spirit of the Falmouth/Penryn community.

Something that Station Manager Matthew Rogers agrees with: “I think David has got a real talent for production work. I’ve heard a few jingle packages in my time and I think David is head and shoulders above many professionals in this field. He really seems to have captured the essence of what we were looking for and created a package to suit every possible eventuality.”

Head of Cornwall College Camborne, Miriam Venner, said: “This is a great example that highlights the high level of music production training that is provided for students at dBs Music, enabling them to progress straight into a variety of different areas of work within the music industry.”


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