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Sports Enthusiasts Get Scientific MOT

Published: March 7, 2019

Cornwall College Camborne

No longer do you have to be part of an Olympic squad to benefit from some serious scientific testing in the sports lab.

In a boost for local sports enthusiasts, a new set of tests are available to the public that will help them discover how their bodies perform when tested to the max.

Sports science has developed many activities that record a person’s stamina, oxygen intake and ultimate fat burning rate, information that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Cornwall College Camborne is offering a series of standard tests that will measure fitness and ability to recover.

“We’ve been teaching Sports degrees for many years and have on-site lots of state-of-the-art scientific equipment,” said Stephen Bowens, Sports Science Tutor, Cornwall College.

“Having helped many professional coaches with the testing of players in a wide variety of sports, we thought that it would be great to allow members of the public, especially those who are keen enthusiasts; to have access to the kit in our sports lab.”

The tests are primarily aimed at athletes who are trying to improve their performance within endurance based sports, such as running and cycling; but are just as valuable and relevant to players of team sports like rugby and football.

Part of the testing includes anthropometric tests which measures a body’s proportion of fat, fat free mass and water, essential if an athlete is aiming to maximise their performance in weight bearing sports.

“We use a range of facilities and the one that most people recognise is the VO2 Max test, this is the one where people wear a mask over their nose and mouth,” Stephen continued.

“We use a very specialised piece of equipment called a “Fitmate Pro” which analysis the quantity of     oxygen and carbon dioxide an athlete breathes in and out throughout their performance. From this we can determine their body’s actual ability to utilise oxygen and deal with high levels of acid in the blood”.

“It’s also very useful in helping to define specific “fat burning training intensities” and what nutrients you use at different exercise intensities”.

During a recent test session, sports enthusiast Katy Green who attends Duchy Crossfit underwent a wide range of testing including the VO2Max test.

“The results of the tests were a real eye opener and provided me with an idea of where I am with my current training program,” said the keen runner.

“It confirmed that quality over quantity is working well for me and that my body fat is lower than people in my age range which is great.”

The tests can be booked by contacting: Stephen.bowens@cornwall.ac.uk

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