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‘Multi-sensory’ music and food event for Keay Theatre  

Published: March 4, 2020

Cornwall College St Austell 16-18

An event combining elements of photography, film, food and musical improvisation is coming to the Keay Theatre in St Austell.  

Entitled ‘CO17’, the evening of music set to photography and film will take place on Wednesday March 11th from 7.30pm till 9.00pm.

Delivered as a collaboration between music and photography students from Cornwall College St Austell’s Creative Academy, CO17 will combine live music with projected visuals and lighting effects to create an immersive audio visual experience.

Music lecturer David Jaycock from The Creative Academy, described CO17 as “part-gig, part-installation”.

“The students have been collaborating on something a little different from the norm, which draws from different mediums to create a multi-sensory musical experience,” he explained.

“The student musicians are creating a series of improvised and composed pieces, in response to a selection of photographs, projections and films created by fellow students studying visual arts. It’s an ambitious piece of work, with the students pushing themselves to think creatively outside the relative norms of the current pop and rock scene.”

Alongside the performance, chefs from the College’s award-winning Cloisters restaurant will be running a Thai Burger pop up on the night. Serving a mix of Asian-fusion style street food, the menu includes mackerel burgers with lime and Thai shrimp emulsion and Thai-spiced chickpea burgers with Asian slaw.

“What better way to enjoy the performance with a gourmet burger and a drink prepared by the expert chefs from Cloisters Restaurant?” David continued.

“The food is also included in the ticket price, so its great value for money.”

CO17 is the latest in a series of student-led events delivered by from The Creative Academy, the new learning environment at Cornwall College St Austell offering a range of courses including performing arts, dance, acting, creative and commercial photography, media and film, games and animation and art and design.

Team Lead Jess Leonard described CO17 as demonstrating “the ambition of our learners” and the “integrity of our creative vision” for Cornwall.

“I can’t express how excited I am for this intimate and explorative event,” she said.

“It’s an opportunity for students from two creative disciplines to collaborate and the result is a very sacred expression of their artistry. Our collaboration with the College’s catering department also means we can turn the installation performance into an evening to enjoy food, drink, sound and photography.

“Our learners are the creatives of the future with careers rooted in exploring what they love.”

Call 01726 226454 to book tickets for C017- £10 per person. A burger and drink is included in the ticket price.    


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