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Boatbuilding Apprenticeship Level 3

Falmouth Marine School Falmouth LEVEL: 3 Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding

We have dedicated wood and composite workshops in the heart of the extensive maritime industrial area at Ponsharden Boatyard.

This Level 3 programme is for those that want to build on their existing knowledge and skills to further develop their career prospects.  You will have already completed the Level 2 apprenticeship or similar.

Falmouth Marine School has a long history of providing boat building courses. and is the only place in Cornwall where you will gain specialist training with access to dedicated workshops. Whether your dreams lie in boat building or repairing, becoming part of a professional crew, or a marine surveyor these courses will get you on the right pathway.

While using the latest technical processes you will be taught in our dedicated woodworking workshops and in our specialist fibre reinforced plastics workshop. Our specialist industry experienced lecturers believe the best way to learn boat building techniques is to undertake real hands-on experience, therefore the majority of our boat building programmes and assessments are carried out in a practical way.

Live projects are an integral part of the course, students have built a prototype for a new generation of sailboat, worked on the creation of a replica Viking boat for a exhibition at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall and built a Viking Prow, for a center piece at Chelsea garden Show.


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Ideal if:

You wish to build on your existing knowledge and skills to develop your career prospects.


Entry Requirements:

Completion of the Level 2 Boatbuilding Apprenticeship or similar qualification and you must be employed within a marine related industry.

What You Will Learn:

The principles of boat construction, how to work with wood and fibre-reinforced plastics for marine construction, and safe and effective working in the marine industry.



To spend one day a week on campus and select a pathway of units that suit your job.


You’ll love:

Working in specialist wood and fibre-reinforced plastics workshops.



A higher level apprenticeship or enhanced employment prospects.

Careers in this industry 

- Boatbuilder
- Supervisor
- Maintenance repairer
- Rigger
- Boat painter
- Joiner


Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding
Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding
Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding
Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding



Boatbuilding Advanced Apprenticeship

Start Date

September 2019




1-2 years


Simon Combe Workshop Technician - Boatbuilding

Simon is a Falmouth Marine School alumni and has worked with a range of boatyards in the construction of yachts and small craft. He supervises both the wood and composite workshops at Falmouth Marine School's boatbulding training centre at Ponsharden boatyard, helping learners on a day-to-day basis with developing their practical skills, techniques and project planning. He also acts as a consultant with the College's Marine Innovation Service, assisting local businesses who wish to develop their processes and products in composite boat manufacturing.

Marine Engineering & Boatbuilding


Chris Bosanko-Green Boatbuilding Course Manager

Having grown up in Cornwall I have always had a love for the sea and dabbled in various water sports throughout my youth, with sailing being the biggest attraction.

After school, I studied construction at Cornwall College and worked as a Draughtsman in Truro until life took me in a totally different direction and away from Cornwall, for 24 years, while serving Queen and Country in both the Royal Air Force and Army.

A brief visit home to Cornwall was enough for me to fall in love with the place all over again; I made the decision to retire from the military, study towards my RYA Yachtmaster qualifications and having developed a passion for wooden boats, built using both traditional and modern methods, to pursue a new career as a boatbuilder.

I studied boatbuilding at Falmouth Marine School, while establishing my own small wooden boat building company. Later I was given the opportunity to return to Falmouth Marine School to teach the course I had previously studied. Having taught for many years in the military, I had always enjoyed teaching people new skills and was excited to be involved with educating and developing the next generation of Boatbuilders; for future years to come.

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