Welding Basic to Advanced (British Standard)

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Ideal if:

You are a complete beginner with limited welding knowledge or an advanced Welder requiring the British Standard 4872 coding.

The beginners course is ideal if you want to learn a new skill, if you are creative, if you want to repair your own car or even a garden gate.

You’ll need:

PPE will be required for the course:

Appropriate PPE must be worn in the workshop (cotton boiler suit and steel toe capped boots must be brought by the candidate, although we can provide gloves and masks for the duration of the course). NB. Please be aware that due to the nature of the activity, contact lenses should not be worn in the welding workshop, although glasses may be worn with safety specs or goggles over the top.

You’ll learn:

On this practical hands on course, you will have the opportunity to learn various processes and procedures, whilst working towards a recognised industry standard in welding if desired.


On this course you will gain a basic understanding of the different welding processes used in the industry and at home.

You will learn the health and safety aspects of welding, how to set up and use the equipment safely, how to set welding parameters relevant to the welding process required and the material to be joined.

You can choose from some or all of the following welding processes:

MAGS - Metal Arc Gas Shielded (MIG)

MMA - Manual Metal Arc (Stick)

TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas

Gas - Oxy-Acetylene

You could cover flat and Horizontal/Vertical (Downhand), single weld beads, re-joining of runs, build up weld runs to form a weld pad, welding Lap, Tee Fillet and Butt welds, inside and outside corner joints on steels of various thickness from 1.6-6mm.


British Standard 4872 training and testing part 1 (steel) and part 2 (aluminium) will be carried out by a Welding Institute Qualified, CSWIP trained Weld Tester.

BS4872 is a NON procedural welding test to determine welding competence, it is a recognised welding competence test required by Industry, should you wish to pursue welding as a career.

Weld testing involves set welds (Tee Fillet and Butt) in various positions.


The Basic to Advanced welding courses are run on Wednesdays between 5pm and 7:30pm for 8 weeks and Saturday 9am until midday for 7 weeks.

Small group sizes ensure that you have lots of personal tuition and supervision from a qualified tutor, with many years of teaching and commercial welding experience.

The cost is £385 each person (based on 10 people max)  plus £40 per certificate, should they require the BS4872 qualification.

You’ll love:

Learning a new skill (if you're a beginner) or for those with advanced knowledge - working towards a recognised industry standard.

You’ll go on to:

You can come back after completing this course to undertake another welding process such as MIG/MAGS, TIG and MMA.

British Standards state re-approval shall be required every two years, to maintain the standard and the operator's skill level.


Start Date

This course is offered throughout the year, please contact us for the latest start dates.


St Austell


6 - 8 weeks

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