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This programme is particularly useful for those working in a procurement, purchasing or supply chain role within their organisation. It is suitable for those from large, small, public or private sector organisations.

There are no formal entry requirements, but participants must be in a role which will allow them to complete the programme and have the ability to undertake the exams at the end of each module.

The course will cover 5 units:

  • Contexts of procurement and supply
  • Business needs in procurement and supply
  • Sourcing in procurement and supply
  • Negotiating and contracting in procurement and supply
  • Managing contracts and relationships in procurement and supply

Each unit is delivered as a 2-day taught module, followed by a 1-day revision session one month later in readiness for the exam the following month.

We believe that this approach is superior to other methods in the following ways:

The delegates commit to 3 intensive training days rather than endless evenings at night school

The support of a dedicated tutor team

Focus and momentum in the learning

Delegates are guided by the best trainers in the country, of which 2 are CIPS assessors

5 modules in a year ensures rapid progression

Delegates will need to pay a registration fee to CIPS and pay relevant exam and Study Guide fees for each module in addition to the fee quoted.

The cost for the full Diploma – 5 x 3 day modules is £2,495.00

In addition delegates will need to register with CIPS which costs £198, and then each exam has a fee payable to CIPS which costs £84 and a study guide which costs £33.50. Therefore total additional costs of £785.50.

The cost for each module (non-accredited) is £295.00

Full details of the programme can be found at the CIPS website by following the link http://www.cips.org/Documents/Qualifications/UCG_DipProcSupp.pdf


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