Care Academy

Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship

Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship


This degree-level work-based learning programme will take 12-18 months to complete and allow you to further your career opportunities and professional practice.


The role:

Assistant Practitioners work as part of the wider health and social care team and have direct contact with patients, service users or clients providing high quality and compassionate care.
Working at a level above that of Healthcare Support Workers you will study to gain a more in-depth understanding about factors that influence health and ill-health (e.g. anatomy and physiology). The Assistant Practitioner role may be applied to a variety of roles that have been developed within Cornwall Care and wider NHS organisations. Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, you will have obtained the core skills, knowledge and values/behaviours to become an Assistant Practitioner, these include:
• the principles and philosophy of health and social care
• the physiology, organisation and function of the human body
• lifespan developments and healthcare needs from prenatal to end of life/bereavement
• research and development in the health and social care sector to inform and improve quality of care
• provision and promotion of holistic person centred care and support, duty of care and safeguarding of individuals
• the importance of the strategic environment in health and social care and the implications for the individual
• the importance of current evidence based practice within scope of the role


At the end of the apprenticeship, you will have gained a degree-level recognised qualification, without incurring the student loan debt, while being employed by Cornwall Care.


How do you study this apprenticeship?

You will study this qualification one day per week at the new Care Academy at Cornwall College St Austell with Cornwall College’s experienced Health & Social Care instructors as well as a range of guest lectures from a range of disciplines.

Assessment will be at the end of the apprenticeship, and will consist of a multiple choice and short answer test, an observation of your professional practice in the workplace and submission of a reflective journal completed throughout your studies and final interview.


Who is eligible?

You must have gained English and maths qualifications at level 2 (GCSE grade 4 or equivalent) in order to complete this apprenticeship. Cornwall Care is looking for staff that are passionate about leading and delivering excellent care, can demonstrate exceptional communication and organisational skills that will support and enhance the clinical care provided.

As this course is an intensive 12 – 18 month programme of learning, candidates must be willing to undertake this level of study, and have completed a successful probation, with a proven track record of high quality person centred care delivery.

Completion of this course can lead to a variety of jobs across Health and Social Care settings that employers have developed to meet their service needs.

Applicants will be required to complete an application form, undertake a written assignment, and be interviewed by Cornwall Care and Cornwall College staff.

This apprenticeship is currently available for Cornwall Care staff members only, but if you would like to know more about our full time level 2 and 3 provision contact please email



To apply, please complete the form below

This apprenticeship is currently available for Cornwall Care staff members only, but if you would like to know more about our full time level 2 and 3 provision contact please email )