Blue Reef Lodge, 10-12 Berry Road, Newquay TR7 1AR

Landlord details

For further information and to put your name on the list please contact

Liz Hellier 07500572546

Property Type

Bed and Breakfast


32 week contract from 16th September 2023 to 7th June 2024 From £4,200 per academic year (term time only)

Availability Date

September 16, 2023


18 student rooms (14 with ensuite) on bed and breakfast basis in local hotel

New for 1st year students for September 2023 The Cornwall College group have secured 18 lovely spacious rooms solely for our students to use on a bed and breakfast basis, term time only from 16th September to 7th June 2024.


All but 4 rooms are ensuite.  The remaining 4 rooms have two bathrooms to share between these 2 rooms.  Each room will have a kettle, desk and wardrobe.  Students to provide own bedding.  There is a large social space on the ground floor of the property where breakfast will be served from 7.30 – 9.30am each day and students can use this amazing space in the evenings.  There is a key coded entry to the hotel and there will be a cleaner/maintenance member of staff available 24/7.

The hotel is located in central Newquay with just a 15 mins walk from  Newquay University Centre and close to supermarkets, pubs, shops and beaches.  There is no parking available at the property.

Note: these photos show the current layout and for student use some rooms will have less bunk beds.

Click here to see floorplans

To make a viewing please contact the Bed and Breakfast reception on the following contacts.

Reception cell phone +447990450278 

Direct reception What’s App link is 
Blue Reef Rooms Annual Cost
Blue Reef GF Room 17 £4500
Blue Reef GF Room 18 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 1 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 2 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 3 shared bathroom £4200
Blue Reef FF Room 4 shared bathroom £4200
Blue Reef FF Room 5 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 6 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 7 £4500
Blue Reef FF Room 8 £4400
Blue Reef FF Room 9 £4400
Blue Reef FF Room 13 £4400
Blue Reef SF Room 10 £4400
Blue Reef SF Room 11 £4500
Blue Reef SF Room 12 shared bathroom £4200
Blue Reef SF Room 14 shared bathroom £4200
Blue Reef SF Room 15 £4500
Blue Reef SF Room 16 £4500


Room Types Room Type
Penthouse 2 sharing (price is per student) A
Studios ensuite B
Room 3 (contains 2 bedrooms and shared bathroom) C
7m – 8m shared bathroom D
7-10m ensuite E
11 -16m ensuite F
18m ensuite G