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Content creator, Two Green Magpies Ltd

Students working at computers in a library Students working at computers in a library

*Virtual Placement*


This work placement is to create content for future blogs, articles and social media posts. Tasks will involve online research into a topic and creating the content based on your research.

This work is being done so people working in charities can learn and understand more about what is happening in the charity sector and with different types of fundraising.

Areas to be written about include how covid has impacted charity fundraising, what types of fundraising is thriving during covid, the future of legacy fundraising and so on.

I will make sure you are fully briefed before you start work on any content. I will support you along the way.

This placement will help you to develop your communication skills, especially written, give you a greater understanding of the charity sector, see how a small business works – you can quiz me.

You will benefit greatly but I expect commitment in return!


Only apply if you want to make a difference to charities. The skills I am looking for are:


Attention to detail – I want you to understand what you are reading so then you can write about it.

Good concentration

Ability to research through online articles/blogs etc.

Ability to write up a blog/article from what they have read (ie, condense key points into one side of A4).

Time management – You will have 2 weeks to finish each article/blog. We will have updates every 2 weeks where I will go through your work and then set you off on the next one. I expect you to turn up to planned zoom meetings and to let me know if you can’t make a meeting.

Self-motivation – you will have guidance from me but you will need to motivate yourself in between our meetings to get this work done on time.

All our meetings will be done via zoom so access to a laptop or computer for these meetings is essential – you can’t do this through a phone!


Two Green Magpies Ltd
Porkellis, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0HS, UK
Type of Placement
Work Experience (1 week)
Industry Area(s)
Digital Academy

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